Slick 50 Supercharged Synthetic Engine Treatment (15 oz.) - 750001

Slick 50 Supercharged Synthetic Engine Treatment (15 oz.) - 750001
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Slick 50 Supercharged Synthetic Engine Treatment pour and drive formula enhances oil durability, cleans and prevents sludge, and fights ethanol water damage. Fully formulated synthetic 5W-30 motor oil meets ILSAC (International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee) GF-5 motor oil requirements to help reduce emissions and maximize fuel economy. Friction modifier creates enhanced protective layer of lubrication to minimize heat produced by friction. ZDDP (zinc dialyldithiophosphate) anti-wear agent forms a continuous, self-regenerating shield between engine parts to prevent metal to metal wear and enhance oil durability. Hydro-ethanol inhibitor helps fight ethanol, rust and water build up in the crankcase caused by cylinder wash and blow-by.

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